The 2017 Renault Fluence at Kearys

Looking for a car that is robust, elegant and modern? Our designers have created it just for you! The Renault Fluence, consistently one of the most popular models at Kearys Renault Cork gives unbeatable fuel economy along with a fantastic driving experience to offer an affordable option in the big car market. With Renault Limited, enjoy a range of features: upgraded equipment, a distinctive exterior look, and an even more attractive price. Grab a Renault Limited and enjoy a higher class of travel right now! In terms of looks, the Renault Fluence Limited is the star of the show with 16" alloy wheels and LED lights making it more elegant than ever. The colour of the car is enhanced by the metallic black rearview mirrors while the protective door strip is now body-coloured. Renault Fluence, eminently sophisticated!
The Fluence comes in nine colours, pop in to Kearys Renault Cork to find the one that suits you.

To adjust your driving position and improve comfort, we have installed a height-adjustable steering wheel. To make parking manoeuvres easier, we have equipped Fluence with front and rear parking distance control. This system warns you of obstacles in front or behind the car with a series of beeps. Make your life easier with Hill Start Assist! On a slope, when you release the brake, your car stays immobile for several seconds, giving you time to set off without rolling backwards! Increase speed and precision. The digital speedometer is more legible and also more ergonomic.R-Link adapts to your needs and makes your life easier with its large touchscreen, modern interface, Bluetooth connectivity and fascia-mounted USB and jack ports. It’s never been easier to listen to your playlists and view photos and videos while the car is stationary!



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